“My name is Taylor and I have been able to have 2 successful experiences through Hope Services, my first OJT was at Smitten Kitten where I got to learn the background of a wonderful luxurious cat home. This is where people would bring their cats when they left for a vacation, Susan is a trust worthy animal adoring woman. I loved getting to work with her exotic animals and helping take care of them as well, the donkey was my favorite!
My second OJT experience has been with Aaron Covert a real estate agent. He has taught me so much not only about the business of real estate but showing me how I can be a better me in the future. He has helped me grow and mature in this past month and a half I have worked with him. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of our partnership!

All in all Hope Services has been such a blessing to me, not to mention how genuinely supportive and caring the employees of Hope Service are, I can’t wait to keep growing through Hope Services.”